** Quick note **


Just for everyone's information on Add-ons... There are sometimes hotfixes that do not come along via updates in Minion. Right now, for the newest game content, some of your favorites may not get timely updates. They may work, but it is a risk checking the "allow out of date add-ons" box in the options for ESO.

I will list the hotfixes where applicable in the addon description. This time, Craftstore has such a hotfix. 

For installation, it is the same as adding an add-on in manually. You just need to unzip and overwrite the files. If you need help doing this, feel free to contact Kuro_Urufu in game or via PM here and I will be happy to help. 

** End note**


Here you will find useful links and information to help you along the way through your game. If anyone has any suggestions to add to these, feel free to contact an officer in guild. We all want to have the best ESO experience possible so sharing knowledge is a good thing.

 Click any of the names to go to their respective pages.

Also note there are no links for UI Add-ons. People have varying tastes so doing a search on ESOUI or Minion will bring up many great choices and you will need to decide for yourself what you want to change. 

Minion is a useful tool for downloading and managing your add-ons. It checks your add-ons for updates as well as being able to search for new ones within the program itself. You can also install directly from the interface just like you would on It will unzip and install directly to the proper folder for your game. If you run the PTS or another server instance, you will need to update those separatley as ESO keeps them all separate. 

Craftstore This add-on brings several tools to the table. It can track all of your characters and you can look at the progress of research, horse training, provisioning knowledge, enchanting, motifs known, as well as being able to take you to the nearest wayshrine(for the normal fee of porting to said wayshrine) of said crafting location. Definitely a must have for any player aspiring to be a crafter. The interface can be slightly daunting at first, but ask around in chat and you can get the help you need. 

The hotfix can be located Here This is current for newest content (Shadow of the Hist) 

Potion Maker Simply put, Potion Maker helps you make the potions you want without having to scroll forever. 

Skyshards Shows the location of those pesky shards.

Lorebooks Shows the location of Lorebooks as well as an option for the Eidetic Memorey books.

Lost Treasure Shows the location of treasure maps as well as the surveyor maps from crafting writs. 

Destinations Shows just about everything related to questing, plenty of options to turn on and off. Can be resource hog, look to left for link on how to increase LUS memory limit to have a smoother experience. 

Advanced Filters Subfilters in your inventory and bank. Works with Awesome guild store. Also works with the craft bag for ESO plus subscribers. 

pChat Gives many options for your chat window. Plenty of options and can be set to apply account wide. 

Master Merchant Allows for price checks on various items. Prices listed are only for the traders in which you have access. Huge resource drain. Will definitely need to adjust memory settings for LUA. Also consider turning this off when entering group dungeons, trials or PVP zones to reduce perfomance issues. 

HarvestMap tracks and sets a pin for all resources, chests, thieves troves you encounter in the world. Can be a resource drain. Consider only enabling the things you want to find most. 

Awesome Guild Store Adds to the interface of the guild store. Makes for easier searching of particular items. Definitely one to try out if you find yourself searching guild traders for item and want an easier way. Loads of options as well. Integrates with Master Merchant well.

ESOTheater Brings up a clickable interface for the emotes. Be sure to read the page description for full details.  

Pointificator Tracks all things PVP zone related. Plenty of options, check it out if you like keeping track of things. 

Votan's Fisherman You can get the fishing hole pins from Destinations, but this add-on brings more to the table for the aspiring Master Angler. Check out the page for more details. 

The Rolling TelVar Stones This one allows for auto banking your telvar as well as keeping a certain amount from the bank when you do your Imperial City runs. Very useful for those who forget to make the depsoit then lose half their stones upon leaving base. 

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