This is where ESO crafters can strut their stuff and offer up their expertise. If you need a set crafted or are an up and coming crafter, this is where you can look and contact other crafters for help. 

The link will take you to a page that has each crafter who wants to be listed and they will have their conditions within their block.

If you do not want to meet the conditions set with the crafter, you may try to haggle, but just think on how much time was invested by the crafter to get to where they are. For instance, a ninth trait can be research at a minimum of 27 days if that person is an ESO Plus subscriber and they can only research up to three items in each field if they have the skill points allocated there. So, please be mindful of these things when considering a demand that might be seen as a rip off from the crafter's perspective. 

That being said, here is the link for your perusal.




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